Wisconsin Cherry Growers FAQ's

Here is a compialation of frequently asked questions. Check back often as we continue to add more FAQ's throughout harvest time.

Q. When will Pick-Your-Own cherried be ready to pick?
A. Cherry crops are affected by weather and especially temperature. The Pick-Your-Own Orchards that are in the inland, southern part of Door county will typically be ready around mid-July. As you travel closer to the water and further North on the Peninsula you will find that the Cherries take longer to ripen for picking. It is really a must to call ahead to the Orchards for estimated Pick-Your-Own dates. You can find Orchard contact information here.

Q. Can cherries be frozen with the stone (pit) in or must they be removed first?
A. Cherries can be frozen with the pit in. However, most prefer to pit them first to avoid any issues when they need to use them.

Q. Do any of the Orchard's have pitting machines?
A. It is best to call ahead to the Orchard and ask if they have pitting service(s) available. Otherwise, you can easily find pitting tools at local markets.

Q. Do any of the Orchards in Door County harvest/sell Organic Cherries?
A. No.

Q. How do I find out which Orchards have tart vs. sweet cherries?
A. Check our "Buy Cherry Products" page or "Pick Your Own Cherries" page. There is information regarding that on both pages.